Policy, Planning and Budgeting

The directorate of Policy, Planning & Budgeting is responsible for enhancing the leadership and governance functions of the Ministry of Health. It ensures that key sector instruments and frameworks guide the actions of the health sector. The major functions include:

  • Policy development and dialogue with all sector stakeholders.
  • Strategic planning.
  • Coordination of sector budgeting processes.
  • Overall sector monitoring and evaluation.
  • Leadership of the Local Services Support agenda for public financial management reform in the health sector

Health Policy & Planning

The department leads and coordinates the development of national policies, plans and budgets for the health sector. This has included the Health Sector Development Plan 2012-2016, that sets out the medium-term strategic direction for the health sector, providing the framework that will guide the actions and interventions of all stakeholders over the next five years.

Functions include:

  • Leadership and coordination of the development of an operational plan for the Health Sector Development Plan.
  • Improvement of the capacity for policy making and planning at national, state and county levels.
  • The review and updating of national health policy.
  • The periodic review and revision of the basic package of health and nutrition services.
  • Leadership and coordination of the budgeting process in the health sector.
  • Develop key sector guidelines to streamline the relationships and responsibilities between the MoH, state MoHs (SMoHs), county health departments (CHDs) and health facilities.
  • Develop and implement guidance for transitioning health programming from a humanitarian to developmental focus, whilst maintaining an optimal balance between these approaches.
  • Develop a health financing strategy for the sector.
  • Lead and coordinate all health systems development initiatives, programmes and projects.

For the fiscal year 2014/15 the Directorate is drawing up plans for the Ministry of Health’s main priorities, the scaling up of human resource development and the improvement of conditions and management for health workers.

Research, Monitoring and Evaluation

The Directorate oversees all monitoring and evaluation activities, including supervisory visits and health facility assessments. In collaboration with the relevant Directorates, the National Bureau of Statistics, health development partners the Directorate coordinates other assessments and surveys.

The Health Management Information System is managed by the Directorate of Policy, Planning and Budgeting. This system collects information on a range of health indicators from health facilities across the country.

The Directorate is also responsible for approving research proposals in the health sector, any organisation or individual wishing to conduct research in South Sudan must liaise with Dr Richard Lino Lako, Director General for Policy, Planning and Budgeting either in-person at the Ministry of Health or by email.


Director General,
Dr. Richard Lako Lino
Email: lakorichard08@gmail.com
Tel: +211(0) 912551702, +211(0) 955387209