Administration and Finance

The Directorate of Administration & Finance provides administrative oversight to the Ministry of Health, ensuring efficient resource management and utilisation.

The major functions include:

  • Enforcement and maintenance of transparent, effective and efficient financial management practices within the MoH
  • Payroll management, staff emoluments, and sanctions.
  • Management of a transparent procurement system for goods and services within the MoH.
  • Provision of logistical support services and asset management within the MoH

Planned actions for the directorate include:

  • Establish mechanisms to enhance accountability and transparency. These include:
    • Publication of financial allocations to directorates;
    • quarterly reports on expenditures before the release of subsequent transfers;
    • prompt annual financial audits and the introduction of a computerised financial management information system (FMIS) as per the directives of the Ministry of Finance Commerce Investment and Economic Planning (MoFCIEP).
  • Strengthen the reporting system of health expenditure.
  • Seek technical assistance to strengthen financial management for health service delivery.
  • Adopt more transparent and timely procurement procedures and processes.
  • Establish responsible and accountable systems regarding the use of MoH assets.

Department of Administration

The department provides administrative support services and asset management within the MoH. It also engages in administrative capacity building with other directorates and State Ministries of Health (SMoHs).


The department works to enforce and maintain transparent, effective and efficient financial management practices within the MoH. It works in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and Economic planning to constantly review and update these practices. The department also helps with payroll management, in synergy with the department of HR Management.

Human Resource Management

Major functions of the department include:

  • Formulation of HR policies and guidelines for the MoH, SMoHs, HR officers and health training institutions in the areas of training, professional development, recruitment, deployment and HR management.
  • Development of strategic and operational cost-indicative HR plans to be shared with HR officers and health training institutions for the implementation and monitoring of policies and plans.
  • ¬†Supervision of HR officers at state and lower levels, and provision of appropriate support.
  • ¬†Development of annual narrative reports to be shared with the MoH, partners and stakeholders.
  • Management of Human Resource Information System to hold information about all health workers in the country
  • Management of payroll for Ministry of Health and Teaching Hospitals using South Sudan Electronic Payroll System, oversight of payroll processing at other levels of the health sector

Planned actions include:

  • Develop a cost-indicative comprehensive annual work plan.
  • Produce annual report and share copies with partners and stakeholders.
  • Review and update local government human resource manual in collaboration with Ministry of Labour Public Service and Human Resource Development (MoLPS&HRD)
  • Carry out human resources for health situation analysis
  • Develop human resources for health policy and strategic plan
  • Roll out HRIS to all states, countries and payams.
  • Recruit and deploy human resources for health

Director General for Administration and Finance,
Enock Maper Dumic
Tel: +211(0) 955 177188