Ministry of Health Directorates


The Ministry of Health, Republic of South Sudan is comprised of nine Directorates and the Medical Commission. It directly oversees the three National Teaching Hospitals (Juba, Malakal and Wau), and the Central Medical Stores. It is supported by the Drug and Food Control Authority and the Medical Council.

The Directorates in the Ministry are each headed by a Director General, who is responsible for planning and budgeting within the directorate, overseeing day-to-day operation, ensuring that all departments are working in line with the Ministry’s articulated policies and contributing to the development of new policy and strategy papers within the Ministry. The Medical Commission is headed by an Executive Director. The Director Generals and Executive Director all report to the Undersecretary who in turn reports to the Honourable Minister of Health, Government of the Republic South Sudan.

All Director Generals and the Executive Director of the Medical Commission are standing member of the Senior Management Board. This board meets weekly, and is chaired by the Honourable Minister, Honourable Deputy Minister, and the Undersecretary.

The current Directorates at the Ministry of Health are listed below:

  1. Administration & Finance
  2. International Health and Coordination
  3. Medical Services
  4. Medical Training and Professional Development
  5. Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies
  6. Policy, Planning and Budgeting
  7. Preventive Health
  8. Primary Healthcare
  9. Reproductive Health

Other bodies working within, or in close collaboration with, the Ministry of Health include:

  1. The Medical Commission
  2. The Central Medical Stores
  3. The Drug and Food Control Authority
  4. The Medical Council