About Us

The Ministry of Health was established among the government institution including the Ministries and commission. It evolved over the year to become the Ministry of Health of the Republic of South Sudan after the independence 9th July 2011. Honorable Dr. Riek Gai Kok is the current Minister of Health.
The Minister Dr. Riek Gai Kok has set a number of priorities for Ministry since assuming office. This include increasing the number of Health workers trained, expanding the number of facilities across the country, improving the management, motivation and development of Health workers and ensuring robust systems are in place to further all of these goals.

A Healthy and productive population fully exercising its human potential.

To improve the Health status of the population and provide quality Health care to all people of South Sudan, most especially the vulnerable women and children.

Right to Health, quality, pro- poor, community ownership and good governance.
The Ministry of Health is located at the Ministries complex, next to the Ministry of agriculture, forestry and Animal resources and fisheries. It comprises of number of Health system such as the state Ministries of Health, three teaching hospitals, seven state Hospitals( with other Health Facilities) e.g. public referral laboratory, Kirmayardit women Hospital in Rumbek; there are seventy nine county Health departments and over one thousand primary Health care centers and units.

Structure of the Ministry of Health, RSS/Juba (MOH Directorates)
The Ministry of Health Republic of south Sudan is comprised of nine Directorates and the Medical Commission. It directly oversees the National Teaching Hospitals (Juba, Malakal, and Wau), and the Central Medical Stores. It is supported by the Drug and food Control Authority and Medical Council.
The Directorates in the Ministry are headed by a Director General, Who is responsible for planning and budgeting within the directorate, overseeing day-to-day operation, ensuring that all Department are working in line with the Ministry’s articulated policies and contributing to the development of new policy and strategy papers within the Ministry. The medical commission is headed by executive Director. The Director General and executive Director all report to undersecretary who turn report to the honorable minister of Health, Governor of the Republic of South Sudan.

The current Directorates at the MOH-RSS are listed below:

Directorate in the Ministry of Health
1. Administration and Finance.
2. Policy, planning, and budgeting.
3. Primary Health Care.
4. Preventive Health Services
5. Medical services
6. Medical Training & Professional development
7. Reproductive Health
8. Pharmaceutical & Medical Supplies
9. International Health & Coordination

Other bodies working within, or in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health
1. The Medical Commission
2. The Central Medical Stores
3. The Drugs and Food Control Authorities
4. Medical Council
5. Public Health Laboratory