DHIS2 Training for States M&E officers

On 19th to 23th the Ministry of Health (MOH) in support with UNDP organized advanced training in Regency Hotel (Juba) on District Health Information System Version 2 (DHIS2. The system has been developed by the University of Oslo for Countries to strengthen their health information system. Currently, more than forty seven Countries globally have customized the DHIS2 system for managing their health information as DHIS2 system is believed to have the potentials to provide comprehensive data management solution based on data warehousing principles and modular structure that can easily be customized to the different level.

The MOH trained individuals from State Ministries of health on how to use the DHIS2,in terms of data entry, analyzing and visualizing data, aggregate data and generate reports. One important focus of training was interoperability, Participants stressed the need for a centralized Health Information System to enhance data sharing and interoperability. Lack of centralized HMIS limits data sharing. Without data sharing, data is not optimally used.

Prior to the training, the participants scored an average of 32% in DHIS2 knowledge. However, after the training, participants scored an average of 95% and received a certificate of participation. These results show that the primary objective of the training was fully met,and the MOH expecting that the participant will report through the new system and trained the county staffs on the system.

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