Ministry of Health Develops a Grassroots Initiative

The Ministry of Health has developed a new strategy to deliver services to rural areas, an official has said today at the third National Health Summit  in  Juba South Sudan.

Dr. Richard Lino Laku, the Director-General for Policy, Planning, Budgeting, and Research, says this initiative is in response to a new finding, which indicates that only 44 percent of the people in the country have access to health services.
Dr. Richard Lino says the Boma Health Initiative will involve setting up facilities in the villages as well as awareness campaigns.“Instead of people coming to towns to look for the services, we are taking services to them,” he said.

Dr. Richard Lino Laku said the new policy covers a period of ten years from 2016 to 2025. He said this strategy is part of the new Health policy that is being launched at the third national Health summit in Juba today.
State Ministers of Health are attending the five-day meeting. Health officials from five African countries are also presence .